How to Hang Stuff, Like a Girl

I have the worlds greatest husband. But sometimes, and I completely understand, he doesn’t feel like hanging things for me when he comes home from a long day at work. You’re probably saying “seriously, you can’t hang your own stuff?” The answer is quite simply “no.” I know where I wants things to be hung, however, I’m really bad at hanging for the simple reason of measuring. You have to measure the whole wall and remember what number is the center. Then you have to measure ceiling to floor. Then measure where the hanging pieces are so the frame ends up where you want it, and if it’s one of those that has two holes on opposite sides of the frame in order to be hung, forget about it.

So I did a little problem solving. I’m a super visual person. Numbers frustrate me. I want to see how it’s going to look and feel, and I just don’t get them from microscopic pencil marks on a wall that I can’t find 5 mins after I make them. You catching what I’m saying? So.. here’s how to hang stuff, like a girl.

What you’ll need:

  • paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • painters tape
  • screws
  • drill
  • laser leveler
  • anchors (if you’re not hanging on a stud)

First, on a clean, flat surface, flip all your frames over. Take a few pieces of paper and line them up so that they cover the back of the frame completely. The goal is to have a perfect representation of the size of the picture you’re trying to hang up.

make sure you’ve aligned the paper perfectly on the corner of the frame
My frame is pretty big, so I needed multiple pieces of paper.

Once you get the paper aligned, tape each piece to the other so it stays the shape you need.IMG_2323

If you’re hanging multiple pictures, it’s helpful to label them.
This gadget is AWESOME. It’s a laser leveler and it’s available at Home Depot for less than $20

Put your laser leveler on the wall in a position you think you want your frames to be hung at.


Make sure the top of your frames are touching the line you want them to be level with. If you look closely in this picture, you can see a black squiggly line under the blue painters tape. I’ve marked off where the hanging clip on the back of this frame is so I know exactly where to drill when I’m ready and since the frame is even where I want it to be hung, I don’t need to measure that distance.


HELLO, this is WAY too far apart, but no worries, because (this is the best part) you can move around your frames to a position that you like!!


Ahhhh, that’s much better! I can see that the center frame is slightly larger than the other two, I like the way they’re positioned and I’m happy with the height between the top of our bed and the ceiling.


Alright, maybe this the the best part, remember about that squiggly line I told you about? Drill right on top of that!! How easy is this?!


Remove the paper outline and insert the anchor, and the screw! Repeat for every frame you have.

Here’s the final look!


And that’s how you hang stuff, like a girl!

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